The Recipes from the 2020 Real California Pizza Contest!

The 12 final recipes in the 2020 Real California Pizza Contest dazzled our panel of expert judges with tremendous flavor, fresh toppings, and the creative use of California dairy.

The opportunity has arrived for YOU to serve the same delicious pizzas that stole the show at this year’s contest. Please browse the recipes and short descriptions below that promise to highlight any menu and delight every customer in 2021!


Al Pastor (Linda Ortega) is a tribute to Mexican heritage and features fresh Cotija alongside marinated pork adobo and California Chili Sauce.

Chile Relleno Pizza (Jordan Lawson) utilizes rich Queso Quesadilla and Crema Mexicana to tastefully balance green tomatillo salsa and roasted poblanos.

Pizza Taco de Callejero (Buffy Wimmer) is a street taco-inspired pizza highlighted by the delicious combination of four Hispanic-style California cheeses paired with carne asada and zesty mango salsa.

Elotero (Lars Smith) combines Queso Oaxaca and Cotija with tender guajillo braised pork shoulder and corn Requeson to honor those who make and sell Mexican street corn.

The Real Californian

Bronte (Efren Ríos) provides an original interpretation of California cuisine through fresh yellow tomatoes, eggplant, pistachios, and basil on top of rich California Provolone.

Cali Crab (Justin Wadstein) blends two California favorites – Dungeness crab and pesto – with fresh Mozzarella and Triple Crème.

Szechuan Pizza (Phillip Ma) incorporates Chinese heritage into a delicious interpretation of a California fusion pizza highlighted by fresh Mozzarella and Szechuan Chili.

The Wharf (Ricky Webster) combines a sourdough crust and fresh clams with rich crème fraîche and Mozzarella for a delicious ode to San Francisco’s landmark Fisherman’s Wharf.

Plant Forward

The New “Old School” (Domenica Catelli) pairs cauliflower crust and plant-based sausage with fresh Burrata and Smoked Mozzarella for an inventive twist on a classic recipe.

Roasted Mushrooms Pizza on High-Protein Whole-Grain Crust (Anisha Blodgett) features fresh mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, and arugula on top of delicious Mozzarella and creamy Ricotta.

The Shelly (Joe Mialki) tastefully incorporates spinach, mushrooms, and mini tomatoes alongside a pistachio pesto sauce and fresh Mozzarella.

Fire on the Mountain (Lars Smith) relies on Queso Oaxaca and rich Mexican Crema to form a rich foundation for plant-based chorizo, Fresno peppers, and roasted cauliflower.

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