Sell More Pizza Through Text Message Marketing!

Pizza shop owners need more ways to increase sales and keep customers returning to their restaurant for more. A direct line of communication can help this. Text marketing can close the gap between you and your customers by allowing them to text you if they have questions, want to place an order, or even follow up. Texting allows you to communicate easily, and is a cost-effective way to promote specials and entice new customers. Below are five ways to implement this strategy into your operation.

  • Allow customers to place and track orders via text.

Hungry customers don’t always want to go through the hassle of calling your pizzeria or ordering on your website to place an order. Offering a text line can cut through all of the unnecessary clutter, adding conveniency to their dining experience.

  • Text patrons about special deals and upsell them on offers.

If you are running a promotion, there is always a chance that customers don’t find out about it. According to PMQ, 75% of people prefer to receive offers over text, which is strong evidence to promote your top specials through text. 

  • Encourage customers to refer their friends.

Why not use customers to leverage your pizzeria? A great way to obtain new customers is by rewarding current customers. After a customer completes an order, you can offer a discount code for referrals. You can also start a loyalty program to convince your customers to stick around. 

  • Use texting as a way to drive demand during slow hours.

Texting can also help drive traffic during slow hours. Offer specials through texting, such as free delivery for a specific time period or limited-time menu items. 

  • Get customers to leave you more reviews by asking them over text.

It can be difficult to convince customers to write reviews for your business. Remind them through text to leave reviews on Google, Yelp, or Facebook. You can even incentivize them by offering a discount or free delivery on their next order!

Using text marketing can be a great way to change things up and connect more directly with your customers. It is a unique, innovative strategy to drive more people to your operation and increase sales!

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