Popularity of Mexican Style Pizza

Pizza originated in the Naples region of Italy hundreds of years ago. What started as a cultural dish has morphed into an international favorite that is now enjoyed around the world. Many countries have created their own form of pizza by drawing inspiration from their culture. For example, deep-dish pizza was created in Chicago and is an extremely popular item in the United States. Pizza chefs in Mexico have creatively used combinations of ingredients and specific cheeses to drastically increase the popularity and visibility of Mexican-style pizzas.

What sets Mexican-style pizza apart from other forms of pizza are the combination of ingredients used. Chorizo is an extremely popular version of pork sausage in Mexico, and it is often used as the primary meat ingredient in Mexican-style pizzas. The inclusion of chorizo in a pizza helps signify and promote Mexican culture.

The type of cheese that is used is another factor in identifying Mexican-style pizza. Mozzarella is the most widely used cheese for pizza around the world. The famous Mexican cheese, Oaxaca, is a similar cheese. In addition, popular Mexican cheeses such as cotija and queso fresco are used frequently in Mexican-style pizzas. Using such popular national cheeses in pizza helps to provide a small taste of Mexican heritage in every bite. Lastly, the selection of toppings is a significant factor in differentiating Mexican-style pizza from other types.

Ingredients such as beans, corn, jalapenos, salsa, and chili powder are commonly used in many Mexican-style pizza recipes. Most would assume to see these ingredients on a taco or inside a burrito, but the brilliant minds of pizza chefs in Mexico have formed delicious recipes calling for them on top of a pizza.

The innovative combination of Mexican meats, cheese, and toppings has vaulted Mexican-style pizza to the forefront of the pizza industry. Mexican-style pizzas are becoming common items on pizzeria menus through the United States, as well as in the frozen food aisle of almost every grocery store. This popularity can be traced to the unique combination of ingredients that produce original flavors while leaving customers pleasantly satisfied and yearning for more. Join the growing trend and try a Mexican-style pizza soon!

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