Mexican Pizza Champion – Already a 2020 Rcpc Finalist

The 2020 Real California Pizza Contest will represent the best recipes from the United States and Mexico!

In late 2019, the California Milk Advisory Board sponsored the “Campeonato Mexicano de la Pizza” (Mexican Pizza Championship) – a nationwide contest with three semi-finals – one each in Querétaro, Guadalajara and Mexico City. The contest was open to all pizzaiolos (18 years old or older) living in the Mexican Republic regardless of nationality. Out of 60 semi-finalists, the top 10 competed in the final bake-off.

As the 2019 Campeonato Mexicano de la Pizza winner, Efren O. Rios has already qualified as a finalist in the 2020 Real California Pizza Contest. Rios, a pizza champion since 2015, boasts a variety of international titles and has represented Mexico in a number of international pizza contests, including several in Italy. Rios is a pizza consultant and gastronomic director for a number of organizations.

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