Innovative Ways to Unlock the Marketing Potential of Your Pizza Box

For pizzerias everywhere, the pizza box plays an important role in takeout and delivery. It is responsible for keeping the pizza hot and intact, which is a crucial element to the customer’s dining experience. The average customer spends at least ten minutes engaging with the pizza box, so it is vital that pizzerias take advantage of this marketing opportunity. This can be a way to communicate your brand’s message and differentiating points.

Here are a few ways to use your pizza box to increase customer engagement and grow sales:

  1. Label Health Benefits

Nutritional labeling information such as calories is required by the FDA for standard items, but pointing out ingredients that are organic or harvested locally helps make your pizza box stand out from the rest and gives reassurance to health-conscious customers. 

  • Stand Out!

Instead of using your typical design, get creative and use compelling graphics and colors to show consumers why your pizzeria is different and better than the rest. 

  • Enhance Customer Value

By offering box coupons or a chance to earn a free pizza, you are giving your customers an incentive to return to your restaurant. Including a hard copy of the menu or highlighting specialty items will familiarize your customers with all your delicious offerings.

  • Encourage Customer Interaction

Social media is such an important part of marketing, so use it to get customers more involved. Create a hashtag paired with a giveaway offer to encourage customers to share photos. Your pizza is bound to become a backdrop for many social media posts!

  • Communicate a Purpose

Designate a portion of your box to show your company’s support towards meaningful causes. This will lead to customers connecting with your pizzeria on an emotional level, driving brand loyalty. 

  • Serve Up History

The “handcrafted” look is a popular trend that creates nostalgia among consumers. Use stories of your beginnings to forge that bond with your customers. 

  • Highlight Recyclability

Recycling has become an incredibly important part of our society to help the planet. You can insert corrugated liners to help keep pizza boxes cleaner, increasing box recyclability. Highlighting eco-friendly components of the box or providing recycling tips are opportunities to show your sustainability efforts. 

When searching for a supplier for your boxes, consider the company’s ability to customize, where it sources materials, and their supply chain capabilities. Select a supplier willing to be a partner in communicating your brand’s message!

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