Celebrate National Pizza Month with Multiple New Pizza-Focused TV Series

Pizza is having its moment on TV

Pizza is always cited as THE universally loved food, and right now, it’s the star of two series on Netflix and Hulu. The Netflix series Chef’s Table debuted a pizza-themed series in early September 2022 and Hulu released Best In Dough just two weeks later.

Both series focus on pizza but are vastly different. Chef’s Table: Pizza is a visually stunning docuseries. Each of the six episodes focuses on a master pizza maker from around the world and gets into what inspires them. The pizza makers include Chris Bianco, Gabriele Bonci, and Ann Kim. Their stories are personal, and their creativity and passion for pizza elevates this series to must-see status for fans of pizza.

Best In Dough is a cooking competition more like the well-known series Chopped. The ten-episode series is hosted by Wells Adams from Bachelor in Paradise. Adams also serves as a judge along with Chef Daniele Uditi from Pizana in Los Angeles. Chef Millie Peartree, comedian and food influencer Eunji Kim, and baker Bryan Ford rotate as the third judge on the panel.

The contestants in Best In Dough are from all walks of life and include nonnas (grandmothers), social media influencers, and well known pizza makers such as Two-Time Real California Pizza Contest Champion Leah Scurto of Pizza Leah in Windsor, CA, Ali Hader of 786 Degrees Pizza in Sun Valley, CA and Michael LaMarca of Master Pizza in Ohio.

2019 Real California Pizza Contest Judge Scott Wiener of Scott’s Pizza Tours is featured in Episode 2 and said of his experience, “I was so nervous as a competitor because I knew all the people I’ve judged over the past 15 years would be watching to see if I could handle the pressure myself.”




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