• 2019 - Real California Pizza Contest
  • "Real California Pizza! Can you Craft the winning recipe?"
  • "3 Categories & 3 Winners - $25,000 in prize money - Three $5k Category Winners - One $10 Grand Prize Winner"
  • "Real California Cheese. Delicious Toppings. Innovation & Creativity. Are you the Missing Ingredient?"

Enter the real California Pizza Contest

We’re looking for the best professional chefs and most promising culinary students to craft winning pizza recipes using Real California Cheese. The contest launches Feb. 1, 2019 when entrants can send in their favorite pizza recipes under three categories. The chefs and students with winning recipes will compete in a bake-off for the Grand Prize.

Contest Ends March 25th


3 categories • 3 Chances to win

"Mexican-Style" contest category


Mexican-Style Pizza

Pizza featuring Hispanic-style cheeses from California

"All Cheese Pizza" contest category


All Cheese

Pizza made with three or more REAL California Cheeses

"Real California Pizza" contest category


The Real California

Innovated pizza showcasing the best of California cheese, flavors and toppings

For a list of the more than 250 varieties and styles of Real California Cheeses and the approved brands that produce them, as well as clarification on which Hispanic-style cheeses from California qualify for the Hispanic pizza category, please refer to the CA Cheesemaker list.

We recognize some of these cheeses may not be available in your location.  You are encouraged to enter the contest anyway, substituting the cheese you use in your development process for the cheese from this approved list in your official recipe entry. The California MilkAdvisory Board will supply the specified approved cheeses from finalists’ recipes at the bake-off.

Sponsored by the California Milk Advisory Board — from the nation’s #1 dairy state!

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